Friday, November 21, 2014

News from the loom room

Hello, friends. Well, seeing as it is November in New Hampshire I cannot justify ignoring my blog with excuses such as "I was working in the garden" or "it was a nice day so we went to the beach." I was slowed down a bit, though, as I was on a rigorous 3 week series of prescribed antibiotics to knock out Lyme disease (perhaps THE worse thing about living in New England). Either the Lyme or the antibiotics or a combination of the two really slowed me down for a while. Things are looking up now, however. While I can't really "catch up" on the weaving projects that I aspired to finish this fall in time for the holidays, I can at least resume and be satisfied that I'm able to weave more efficiently.

So, I've been working on scarves:

and I'm also working on dishtowels. I have had a couple of exciting opportunities come my way recently. A small selection of scarves and housewares are currently on display at DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, MA. And today I had an appointment with one of the League of NH Craftsmen retail galleries and will also have some items on display there. (More details on this soon - there are papers to sign and all sort of things like that).

So there you are. I do hope that my U.S. friends have a splendid Thanksgiving!
Be well,
Kate K.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

League of NH Craftsmen

Hello, friends. I am just about to pop at the seams with excitement. Yesterday I had my handwoven work adjudicated by weavers from the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. I provided seven woven samples of my latest work (also, I wore one of my favorite pieces). Here are a few of the pieces that I took with me to Concord:

The jurors were very supportive and offered suggestions for continued development of my work, which is terribly exciting to think about. I need to learn about complying with truth in labeling laws for apparel before I can have my pieces available for sale at the League's retail shops. I'm making good headway here and will hopefully have everything ready within a few weeks.

The loom is currently being dressed for new waffleweave dishtowels. I have a warp on right now in a very jaunty grape purple cotton and plan to weave some colonial blue and sage towels as well. These have been customer favorites over the years, and I'm looking forward to having these available again.

Be well,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello, September

Hello, friends. With temperatures in the thirties this morning and my vegetable and flower gardens suffering from a serious case of the shaggies, there is a definite sense of fall in the air. I was pleased to issue in the season last weekend at the Apple Country Craft Fair here in Londonderry, where I sold my wares along with many other New Hampshire artisans and crafters. This year I was very happy to bring "Bug" along with me for demonstration purposes!

My booth at the Apple Country Craft Fair, Londonderry, NH

With the craft fair behind me, I am focusing on preparing for my jury session with the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. The jury session will take place in late October. I'm to bring between 6-10 handwoven pieces with me for the panel to review. I will keep you posted!

With the advent of cooler temperatures and some upcoming exhibiting opportunities on my calendar, I have been working on some winter wearables. Here is my latest ladies' scarf, woven from a lovely alpaca and silk weaver's yarn. I kept this piece simple: just one color (this is a silver grey) and included regularly spaced lace squares throughout the scarf. I dabbled with a two color design (a sort of windowpane plaid that surrounded the lace squares) but didn't like the result (the scarf was reminiscent of a picnic blanket). Here's the scarf:

I'm thinking about another scarf using this pattern made from a raspberry pink -- a bold color for my otherwise subtle palette, but I figure it is good to keep things fresh, right?

Be well,
Kate K.