Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best week ever!

I am so thrilled to have just had my best week ever at Nutfield Weaver! The additional sales have kept me quite busy, but I am grateful for the opportunities that I've been afforded. Here's a picture of a recent custom order that I did for a bride in Florida. The saffron and latte ribbons hint at fall, don't you think?

I have finished sleying my threads for my largest weaving project EVER! I even had to make adjustments to my loom to accomodate the threads that I need to use (+900 total)to weave my ivory lace. Right now everything looks like a tangle of spaghetti as I am working on threading the heddles. This is a slow process, but one that I just love to do.

If you are shopping for your wedding, please take a look at the sidebar and see "Visit My Friends From Etsy Wedding Team." All of the artisans here are very good at what they do and you are sure to find something delightful from each of them! I hope to have more detailed highlights of their work in the near future!
Be well, Kate

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Pink Tigers Den said...

You're so talented, Kate. Love your stuff. Nic :D