Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bow ties!

Hello friends from an uncomfortably hot and humid day in NH. 93 degree temps are just not something we New Englanders are used to this summer. And my poor Andrew has baseball camp this week! He's a sturdy lad, and so I'm not too worried -- I just filled him full of water today and he was fine!

After hurling more than a few scraps of fabric around my basement sewing room over the course of a few days (I tend to get frustrated easily), I have finally made a bow tie that I am pleased to sell on my Etsy website. My boys were surprisingly delighted with the results and were both very willing to model for me, provided I did not show their heads on my Nutfield Weaver site. I think that the last time I got my oldest in a bow tie was when he was 5 years old (maybe) and so I was surprised at his willingness to don my new creation. I have to get busy making a second bow tie/ring pillow set so that my youngest has an equal opportunity! I would love to know your reaction to my new sets. How practical is it to rent or to buy a tuxedo for a young boy, really? A bow tie and a dress shirt is a short route to a dapper yet comfortably dressed young man.

Still threading my loom for table napkins. Threading is a VERY time consuming process. I have had to put on additional heddles for the last two projects I've done!

Be well and have a happy Tuesday, Kate :)

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