Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check out Bill's music!

Good afternoon, everyone. A lovely day in New Hampshire. My boys and I are going to head out for a swim soon.

Please head to the sidebar and find a link to my friend, Bill Preston, and his wonderful acoustic guitar music. I know Bill from our former church in Michigan. He has graciously allowed me to use one of his tunes in a video that my son, Nathan, is going to put together for me for the blog! Spend a few minutes with Bill and his music, and you will find yourself in a happy place!

I'm winding a new warp, experimenting with bow ties for men and boys, and learning how to throw a shuttle effectively for a wide warp. Busy, busy! I'm also contending with zucchinis from the garden that I think have been injected with PED.

Be well, friends, Kate :)

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