Friday, August 28, 2009

A Fall Friday

Hello, friends. It is about 48 degress here in our part of New Hampshire this morning, so it truly feels like a fall day. It is very refreshing, actually.

I have finished my run of green lace table napkins (all 12 of them), and the fabric has washed up very nicely. I will definitely be making more of these as time allows! Easy to care for cotton is a good bet (and more affordable than linen).

My client in Alberta was very pleased with her petal cone, and she was so kind to offer the following feedback:

"Hello Kate, That was super-fast service! And thank you so much for the free gift, I love gifts AND I love free stuff, I'm a lucky girl! I'm very excited to receive you beautiful item. My wedding is in January and I know my neice will look beautiful carrying it down the aisle, sprinkling petals from the cone as she goes!"

Oooo...I would love to see her niece all dressed up and carrying her petals in the cone!

Be well and enjoy your weekend! Kate :)

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