Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall is just around the corner...

Hello, friends. Summer will be officially over at our house tomorrow as our boys begin a new year at school. They're all set to go, and we managed to squeeze in a nice trip to Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts yesterday. The picture here is from Crane Beach; the beach grasses really caught my attention.

I am pleased to have had my first international sale yesterday! A handwoven lace petal cone has been packed up and sent off to Edmonton, Alberta, presumably for a fall wedding. The person who selected the petal cone was also the buyer of my 40th sale on Etsy, so she was given a special "thank you" gift - a complimentary tissue holder. (I hope she likes it!). I especially hope that the postal system doesn't let me down! I've been so fortunate with domestic shipments that I hope that my luck doesn't change with this one!

Oh! And here is some news... I now have a "page" on Facebook for my Nutfield Weaver things. I also highlight news from Etsy Wedding Team members. There are several "fans," and, hopefully, more to come! Join us! You can click on the Facebar sidebar on the right side of my blog to see who is checking out Nutfield Weaver.

Be well, Kate

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Don said...

Nice photo! Summer in New England is a beautiful thing.