Saturday, August 29, 2009

A follow-up to "Green"

Hello, friends. Today we are experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Danny here in New Hampshire. The rain and wind has been incessant, making it necessary to hunker down indoors today. My husband and oldest son have just put an apple pie in the oven -- I really do have it made, wouldn't you agree?

Here is a sample of the green table linens that I have been working on for some time now. An 8 yard warp does make a lot of cloth napkins! The fabric was so heavy when I cut it from the loom! The picture is not of the highest quality as my natural light is not very good here today, but hopefully you can detect the delicate huck lace pattern that comprises the inset border of the cloth. Easy to care for 100% cotton just cannot be beat!

Be sure to look at my "Four Friday Favorites" from yesterday! I already have next Friday's "faves" in mind!

Be well, Kate

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