Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chapel Windows - Handwoven, handbeaded ivory lace ring bearer pillow

Hello, friends. Hoping you all had a pleasant Labor Day holiday! We had a great weekend here -- mountain hiking, biking, UM football, and lobster rolls.

Here is a picture of some new lace that I'm calling "Chapel Windows." The fabric is made (i.e. threaded, treadled, and woven) so that small rectangles feature in the pattern. I put on a few beige glass beads with a lustre finish to suggest light coming in. I think that this would be a very special item for a small, intimate church wedding! What do YOU think? Click on the response windows at the bottom of this entry so that I can get some honest feedback!

My garden is calling! The tomatoes have decided to come in all at the same time. I'm afraid to venture into the tomatillo bed -- they are decidedly unruly plants!

Be well, Kate

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