Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Diamond patterned lace

Hello, friends. The loom is warped and I've started weaving some very pretty lace! The pattern I am working on right now is threaded to create a lovely diamond shaped textured lace weave. Because the warp is under high tension on the loom, it is a bit difficult to detect the diamonds right now. I will have to wait until the fabric is off of the loom and washed/dried before I can load up any pictures. I have a good feeling about this new fabric.

Here's a picture of a recent creation that is going off to San Jose today:

...and another tissue holder that is being sent off as well:

Because this particular keepsake is made with a pretty powdery-blue quilter's cotton, it can also function as a "something blue" item.

My loom is calling. I weave like crazy while the boys are busy at school! Fortunately for all of us, school is going very nicely for both of my young gentlemen.
Be well, Kate

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Strawberryona said...

I am always in awe of your talent! Your latest design is beautiful!