Saturday, September 5, 2009

Diamonds and Pearls - Handwoven and handbeaded ivory lace ring bearer pillow

Hello, friends. I am so pleased with this latest run of lace fabric. Here is a newly created ring bearer pillow made from this very special lace. I love the lacy diamond weave that is treadled into the fabric. And I couldn't resist adding just a little bit of bling to this piece -- nothing over the top, just a few tiny pearl-finished glass beads evenly spaced throughout the fabric.

I have been working hard to perfect the 1920s inspired folded ribbon rose. My garbage can is filled with half-finished and unsatisfactory attempts, but after much effort I finally have learned to craft these for my fabrics. The leaves took some doing as well, but with practice they came together.

We're all a bit weary here today after a vigorous mountain hike up Mount Cardigan, but it was a lovely day and the views that we were treated to at the top were worth every single step! Here's a picture of me and my pooch, Ingrid, with Mt. Kearsarge in the background.

Be well, Kate

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