Thursday, September 24, 2009

Simple Gifts Ring Pillow

Hello, friends. After a bit of a dry spell, things seem to have picked up here at Nutfield Weaver, for which I am very grateful. I think that the October brides are realizing that October really isn't that far away!

This lovely little accessory, my "Simple Gifts" ring bearer pillow, is headed off to Rhode Island today. It is one of my most popular items. It is a pretty way to display the wedding rings, which are, really, the whole POINT of the ring bearer pillow!

I'm working on a design for a flower basket that has a detachable handle, per a client's request. It is actually coming together quite well. I realized as I was constructing the sample that a detachable handle comes in very handy when it comes to preparing the item to ship! Funny how things work out.

Lots of weaving and sewing in store for today. Apple picking and applesauce making is in store for tomorrow!
Be well, Kate :)

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