Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedding Garters

Hello, friends. I'm getting smoked in the Martha Stewart's "Vote for Your Favorite Doer of the Week" contest, but I'm staying positive and am grateful to have made it this far into the contest. Who knows? Maybe I'll get to go to NYC this fall!

Early this spring I toyed with a wedding garter pattern. I didn't get very far with it and put the idea away until now. It is hard to work with handwoven lace for items such as this, that require turning (the handwoven fabric literally falls apart in your hands with too much handling). However, after much effort, I finally have a method for making these special items out of my handwoven lace. I'm having so much fun with these! Tomorrow I hope to get to my bead shop for pale blue beads ("Something Blue!") and some nicely sized oak leaf charms. Here is a picture of a garter that I just listed on my website. I call it "Celtic Connections."

Be well, and let me know what you think about the garter concept!

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ShellScapes said...

Love the garters and the little knot button!