Monday, October 5, 2009

First wedding garter sale!

Hello, friends. It was a busy weekend here. My youngest son had a soccer tournament here in Londonderry most of Saturday & Sunday. He took an elbow to the eye in the last game and has the black eye to prove it. He told me that had he been playing football that he would have been wearing a helmet and it wouldn't have happened. I think I'll be sitting at the football fields next fall. Sigh...

I was very pleased to sell my first handwoven lace wedding garter this weekend. My "Celtic Connections" ivory garter with crocheted lace edging is off to Illinois to a bride-to-be! A pillow is making its way to Boston, and a tissue holder is off to Williamsburg, VA as well.

Since I spent most of my weekend at the soccer fields and canning pears and jalepeno peppers I did not get much weaving in. However, my plan is set for my Christmas ornament. Warping will begin soon for this!

Be well, Kate :)

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