Monday, October 19, 2009

Hand embroidered monogrammed buttons

Hello, friends. While the rainy/snowy/cold New England definitely has its disadvantages, it does tend to make me a bit more introspective, which gets my creativity motor running. In addition to the dress hangers that I added to my line this weekend, I did some brainstorming about personalizing my wedding items even further. The solution: hand embroidered buttons!

I use metal button covers a lot on my ring pillows and petal cones as embellishments by covering them with my plain ("tabby") handwoven fabric. As it turns out, this same fabric also works well for embroidery. I am using wastecloth over the handwoven lace, stitching the initial, and then removing the wastecloth. It works really well! I imagine that this technique would work nicely on any fabric, handwoven or not.

So, here is a picture of a monogrammed tissue holder. I also have a ring pillow on my Etsy site. I am so excited about these buttons! Let me know what you think!

I am off to warp my loom and trying to figure out how this will go, given that I have a splitting headache. I may need to take periodic breaks to avoid threading errors.

Be well, Kate :)

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