Monday, October 26, 2009

Handwoven Home

Hello, friends. What a lovely day here in New Hampshire. It is crisp and clear. The colors are almost overwhelming!

Speaking of color, here is a picture of one of my new designs. It is not a wedding-related item. I came up with an idea for a table napkin "cuff" (i.e. napkin ring). I like these because they're different, colorful, and full of possibilities for embellishment and personalization. The fabric is a 8 shaft diamond twill. Lots of jewel tones in this set of 4. The fabric in these cuffs goes very nicely with my Fiestaware table settings. What do you think?

Sleyed my 15 dent reed today and twisted the fringe on a forest green shawl. I ordered more 5/2 cotton as well this weekend. Also selected a rayon boucle scarf to be auctioned off at my boys' middle school for a fundraising effort. Busy!

I am so pleased that Heifer International has featured me in their "Pay It Forward" section of their newsletter this week! I am going to design a few more cards and post them on my site, so keep your eyes open!

Be well, Kate ;)

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