Friday, October 23, 2009

Monogrammed Ring Pillow

Hello, friends. I am right in the middle of beaming a new warp of wintergreen-colored threads for a shawl and some purse fabric. It is made from 5/2 mercerized cotton. I am really thinking about taking the plunge and investing in enough silk for a shawl to see how what kind of reception it might get. Maybe I'll get up my nerve to order a couple of silk cones this weekend, after my green shawl is completed!

I'm still having fun with buttons. Here is a picture of a ring pillow in my "Simple Gifts" style that features an embroidered initial button. This has received an Etsy "heart" already, which was very encouraging!

Off to play with yarn!
Be well and TGIF!
Kate :)

P.S. I hope to have "Four Friday Favorites" back next week! Warping the loom has taken precedence today! :)

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