Friday, December 18, 2009

Afternoon tea

Hello, friends. What do you think of my new table linens? These were designed for a client in Australia and I made an extra set to list on my Etsy site. I can taste the crumpets and clotted cream already, can't you? Ha, ha!

I was lucky to have a sale this morning; a petal cone will be sent to a February bride in the midwest. I even had a sale in my little earrings shop this week. What?! You didn't know I had an earring shop? Well, I do and it is called "Secret Gate." I suppose it would be judicious of me to put a link to it on this blog, no?

Our boys have 3 more days of school after today. They are getting really excited for Christmas. They are also very excited to have tickets to see the new "wear-your-earplugs" blockbuster, "Avatar." They want "really good seats," so they plan on having us at the theater at least 30 minutes early. This "Avatar" movie-goer will be bringing her knitting!
Be well, Kate

P.S. A very happy anniversary to my parents on this chilly December day! :)

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