Sunday, December 13, 2009

A happy day

Hello, friends. I have really had an exciting morning. My mum tells me that good things (and bad) often come in threes, and I really believe there is something to this!

1. accepted one of my photographs for inclusion on their website. If you aren't familier with Craftgawker, go have a gander. There really are some excellent photographs on this site.

2. My handwoven lace padded dress hangers have been featured on a lovely blog.

3. A photographer from The Londonderry Times is visiting our house today to take pics. of me and my petal cone for the newspaper. The story is about my acceptance into the big wedding show in Toronto in January.

So, yes, good things happen in threes. My petal cone is all set to go to Toronto. My new business cards arrived yesterday, so everything is ready. The only thing that remains is going to the post office and, most assuredly, standing in line along with everyone mailing holiday parcels!

Stay warm, think positive thoughts, and be well.
Kate :)

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