Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Christmas frenzy

Hello, friends. Busy, busy around here. Sales from my wee shop have been good, which is surprising given that Christmas is just a few days away. I sold my first padded dress hanger with an embroidered monogram button last night. It turned out nicely! I also finished weaving a table runner for my uncle this morning. (He has been very patient -- he requested it some time ago). I also closed the sale of my Heifer fund raising effort. It didn't generate as much interest as I had hoped, but I was able to make a small donation thanks to Nutfield.

And a big sigh of relief as I learned today that my petal cone reached The Wedding Co. safe & sound and in plenty of time for the bridal show Jan. 15-Jan. 17. Whew!

ALL of my knitting projects are finished -- at least the ones that were made for Christmas. The shopping is done, but I am really behind on my baking and my house looks like a tornado went through it. Tomorrow is clean up day!

I ordered 3 new yummy colors of cotton for kitchen towels: bright orange, red, and robin's egg blue. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE TO COME! My next warp is a big one -- I am making more towels! These are so fun to make...I'll post pictures.

Dinner awaits! Feeding two boys is nearly a full time job in itself! And so is laundry!
Be well, Kate :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the combination of ivory and purple! Very classy.