Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long 2009...

Hello, friends. I hope that 2009 has been as good to you and your family as it has been to mine! The four of us plan to stay in tonight and indulge with pizza and Buffalo chicken wings and, possibly, some sort of robot action movie or Ryan Seacrest in Times Square. My husband is running a 10K on New Year's Day (it is called "The Hangover Classic"), so I doubt that we'll be doing anything very outrageous.

My shamrock green table napkins found their way into Craftgawker, and I now I have 3 submissions featured there. It is a very nice site, and a good way for me to gauge the quality of my pictures. My sister gave me a very nice Christmas gift this year - a set of lights, a light box, and digital camera tripod. I am learning - slowly - how to use these new tools!

Here is a little greeting card that I put together yesterday. I will be offering these as "freebies" to my clients, but they are also for sale/display on my Etsy site. They are sweet, if I do say so myself. (I can't bear to toss handwoven lace scraps -- these use a 2" square.)

Off to the gym this morning with the boys. Snow is forecasted for the weekend - we hope to have sufficient snow to get the skis out at least once before Christmas vacation ends.

Be well, Kate

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