Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wedding Co. Bridal Show, Toronto, January 2010

Hello, friends. I was so pleased to hear from The Wedding Co. yesterday and was informed that my handwoven lace petal cone will be featured at their bridal show that will take place in January, 2010. I am so grateful to have this opportunity! Here is a picture of what I will be sending. After the show, this petal cone will be given away to one of the readers of The Wedding Co.'s blog.

I am finishing up several tissue holders that clients have ordered for Christmas gift-giving this year. They are so fun to make. I think I'm on number 15 to date!

My journal has been receiving a lot of scribbles in it lately. I have some new ideas for 2010, but right now have to focus on finishing up orders that have been placed. I am so eager to weave! I love to sew, but am truly at home at my loom.

Stay warm! Be well, Kate :)

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