Monday, August 31, 2009

Nicola from PinkTigersDen

Hello, friends. I just fell in love with the head pieces and hair accessories that Nicola makes from her home in Birmingham, UK. Aren't they fun? Nicola is one of my teammates from Etsy Wedding Team. If you're looking for an alternative to a veil or something special for your bridal attendants, be sure to look at Nicola's shop!

Look at the impeccable craftsmanship on the fascinator that is pictured above:

Nicola will work with you personally to design a fascinator or tiara in your custom colors:

One of these hairpins would be lovely for any formal occasion or if you just feel like dressing up:

Stop in at Nicola's Etsy shop (her seller name is PinkTigersDen), visit her website at, or visit her blog (a thumbnail to her shop is located at the sidebar of this blog).

Nutfield Weaver will be warping her loom today with the intention of weaving new lace patterns! It is just time to spice things up a bit!
Be well, Kate

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A follow-up to "Green"

Hello, friends. Today we are experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Danny here in New Hampshire. The rain and wind has been incessant, making it necessary to hunker down indoors today. My husband and oldest son have just put an apple pie in the oven -- I really do have it made, wouldn't you agree?

Here is a sample of the green table linens that I have been working on for some time now. An 8 yard warp does make a lot of cloth napkins! The fabric was so heavy when I cut it from the loom! The picture is not of the highest quality as my natural light is not very good here today, but hopefully you can detect the delicate huck lace pattern that comprises the inset border of the cloth. Easy to care for 100% cotton just cannot be beat!

Be sure to look at my "Four Friday Favorites" from yesterday! I already have next Friday's "faves" in mind!

Be well, Kate

Friday, August 28, 2009

Four Friday Favorites

Hello, friends!

After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to create an Etsy Treasury (unsuccessfully), I've decided to add a regular, weekly feature to my blog. "Four Friday Favorites" will showcase four items that really float my boat. The theme for today is "Birdies and Botanicals." All of the items that you see here can be obtained directly from the Etsy sellers featured. I hope you like these items as much as I do!

From YANDEBRIDAL, a very sweet lovebirds cake topper:

From BeSomethingNew, a very pretty headband:

From Hairbowswonderworld, a lovely gardenia bouquet:

and from PleasantRidgeCandles, a selection of votive candles:

Nice, don't you think? Be well and TGIF! Kate

A Fall Friday

Hello, friends. It is about 48 degress here in our part of New Hampshire this morning, so it truly feels like a fall day. It is very refreshing, actually.

I have finished my run of green lace table napkins (all 12 of them), and the fabric has washed up very nicely. I will definitely be making more of these as time allows! Easy to care for cotton is a good bet (and more affordable than linen).

My client in Alberta was very pleased with her petal cone, and she was so kind to offer the following feedback:

"Hello Kate, That was super-fast service! And thank you so much for the free gift, I love gifts AND I love free stuff, I'm a lucky girl! I'm very excited to receive you beautiful item. My wedding is in January and I know my neice will look beautiful carrying it down the aisle, sprinkling petals from the cone as she goes!"

Oooo...I would love to see her niece all dressed up and carrying her petals in the cone!

Be well and enjoy your weekend! Kate :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall is just around the corner...

Hello, friends. Summer will be officially over at our house tomorrow as our boys begin a new year at school. They're all set to go, and we managed to squeeze in a nice trip to Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts yesterday. The picture here is from Crane Beach; the beach grasses really caught my attention.

I am pleased to have had my first international sale yesterday! A handwoven lace petal cone has been packed up and sent off to Edmonton, Alberta, presumably for a fall wedding. The person who selected the petal cone was also the buyer of my 40th sale on Etsy, so she was given a special "thank you" gift - a complimentary tissue holder. (I hope she likes it!). I especially hope that the postal system doesn't let me down! I've been so fortunate with domestic shipments that I hope that my luck doesn't change with this one!

Oh! And here is some news... I now have a "page" on Facebook for my Nutfield Weaver things. I also highlight news from Etsy Wedding Team members. There are several "fans," and, hopefully, more to come! Join us! You can click on the Facebar sidebar on the right side of my blog to see who is checking out Nutfield Weaver.

Be well, Kate

Monday, August 24, 2009

Catherine from ShellScapes

Hello, friends. Isn't this cake topper a thing of beauty? Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Catherine. Catherine is a fellow New Englander who creates wedding accessories from seashells. Her work is stunning. I am fortunate to have some of her shell pieces and they are a treasure to behold. Words do not do her work justice!

These are hairpins:

These are shells that you can put in your bouquet:

And...something for your groom.

Catherine makes her items available on Etsy, and here is the link:

She also maintains a lovely blog; you can find it on the sidebar of my blog.

I'm sure you will enjoy her treasures as much as I do.

As for the weaving here at Nutfield, as time allows I am wrapping up work on the green table linens and winding a new warp for lace in a new pattern (and toying with the idea of adding some small, pretty beads in this lace). My boys return to school this week (already), so we are enjoying the last few days of summer.

Be well, Kate :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello, friends. I must have "green on the brain" today because I put together another bow tie for boys. This one is in a lovely sage green botanical/leaf print. Perfect for fall, don't you think? The tie and ring pillows make a pretty nice ensemble for young gentlemen.

I have some preliminary pictures of the table linens I have been working on. The green is soooo yummy; Halcyon Yarn's "Persian Green" mercerized cotton.

Our Fisher Cats lost the other evening to the Connecticut Defenders, but we were treated to a pretty good fireworks show after the game. It was a great night to visit the ballpark.

Dreaming about more lace...I've got to finish these table linens so that I can get on with my new ideas!
Be well, Kate :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall inspired ring pillow and bow tie

Hello, friends! I have had so much fun making these bow ties for boys ever since I figured out how to do it! My fabric store had some lovely autumn selections and so I picked some of this leaf-y fabric today. My son, Andrew, was the model for the pictures (I was told not to show his face, either). He was very patient! I also found fabrics with ferns and holly leaves.

STILL threading my loom but the end is in sight. It has been a busy week in our house since my youngest is involved with baseball camp.

We are heading to Manchester, NH tonight to catch a game with the Fisher Cats. They are facing the Portland Sea Dogs. I love summer with my guys...

Be well, Kate :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bow ties!

Hello friends from an uncomfortably hot and humid day in NH. 93 degree temps are just not something we New Englanders are used to this summer. And my poor Andrew has baseball camp this week! He's a sturdy lad, and so I'm not too worried -- I just filled him full of water today and he was fine!

After hurling more than a few scraps of fabric around my basement sewing room over the course of a few days (I tend to get frustrated easily), I have finally made a bow tie that I am pleased to sell on my Etsy website. My boys were surprisingly delighted with the results and were both very willing to model for me, provided I did not show their heads on my Nutfield Weaver site. I think that the last time I got my oldest in a bow tie was when he was 5 years old (maybe) and so I was surprised at his willingness to don my new creation. I have to get busy making a second bow tie/ring pillow set so that my youngest has an equal opportunity! I would love to know your reaction to my new sets. How practical is it to rent or to buy a tuxedo for a young boy, really? A bow tie and a dress shirt is a short route to a dapper yet comfortably dressed young man.

Still threading my loom for table napkins. Threading is a VERY time consuming process. I have had to put on additional heddles for the last two projects I've done!

Be well and have a happy Tuesday, Kate :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Handwoven Petal Cone for Fall Weddings

Hello, friends. A good, busy weekend at our house. I am now offering a handwoven ivory lace petal cone for fall that matches the "Simple Gifts" ring pillow for fall. I think it turned out pretty well! Have a peek at the picture.

Still warping my loom for some table linens and winding a warp for a new lace pattern that will be a 6-shaft design. I am really excited about this new lace! Pictures will follow!

My husband and I ran a 5K this weekend. It was hot and humid. It was not one of my better races, however, I enjoyed the occasional personal victory each time I waddled past a younger, thinner woman. Ha!

Be well and stay cool! Kate

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Edition Ring Bearer Pillow

TGIF, friends! New Hampshire is slated to hit the upper 90s this weekend, which is atypically warm for us this summer. My husband and I are running in a 5K this weekend; hopefully we will finish before the sun gets too high in the sky.

I made this pretty ring pillow yesterday afternoon after the boys and I had lunch and posted it on my Etsy site. It sold within a few hours! Woo hoo! It is packaged up and off to Arizona for a September wedding! I think I will add a few more accessories with this theme in mind for those Fall brides out there.

Finished winding a 9 yard warp for some lovely table linens, which will be given as gifts for family. I will post pictures of the linens as I work on them along the way.

Enjoy the weekend! I know we will!
Be well, Kate

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Handwoven lace wedding guest books are here!

Hello, friends. A new addition to my wedding accessory line is now available. I worked very hard to get this handwoven lace wedding guest book just right! I would love to receive your comments on this new item. The ribbon colors can be made to suit personal preferences.

In addition to the guest books, I am experimenting with adding custom ribbon work in my items for those of you who are in LOVE with your alma mater! I made a tissue holder for my sister's birthday (I hope she is not reading this) and put on a ribbon embellishment in Purdue University colors. I was so pleased with the result that I may pursue this idea a bit further!

My next weaving project is a run of table napkins. As much as I adore my ivory lace, I am glad to be winding a warp in a spring-y green shade!
Be well, Kate

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guest Books in Ivory Lace

Hello, friends! It is a hot, sunny day in New Hampshire -- perfect for air drying my latest run of lace, which I just cut off the loom yesterday. It feels lovely and drapes so nicely.

I have finally finished designing the pattern for a new handwoven lace fabric covered guest book. I plan to have a couple of these available by week's end. I am really looking forward to seeing these come to fruition.

Off to take my boys out for a swim and to get some back-to-school things. Time does fly.

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Weaving Video!

I am so pleased with the work that my son, Nathan, did on this video! The video provides an overview of the warping process. Nathan is 13 years old and used his video editing software to generate the video file. The music in the background is "Free Again," composed and recorded by Bill Preston. You can find out more about Nathan's moviemaking interests and movie reviews by visiting his blog: Bill's music can be heard in its entirety by clicking on the Reverbnation link on the sidebar of this blog. Be well, Kate :)

Autumn Weddings

Good morning, friends. I guess I have Autumn on my mind! With two family weddings this fall, a lot of my creative energies have been directed with my favorite season in mind. It is hard to surpass the beauty of a New England fall...

Here is a photo of a recent creation: a black lace tissue holder. I made the rust colored flower from satin ribbons and glass beads. I almost didn't want to list it on Etsy and thought about keeping it for myself! I may have to make a second one -- hee, hee!

Some dental work in store for me this morning so I will try to get some weaving in as the pain killers permit!

Be well, and feel free to drop me a note with your comments about the black lace!
Kate :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winter Wedding Treasury

Hello, friends.

I'm nearly finished weaving my "big warp" of nearly 1000 threads across. I am anxious to cut the fabric from the loom so that I can begin designing my new wedding guest books for fall.

Please visit a lovely Etsy Treasury curated by a fellow Etsy teammate. It is a very nicely done collection of accessories for a winter wedding.

You can visit the very talented curator of the Treasury at her wonderful blog,

Have a lovely Sunday and be well, Kate

Friday, August 7, 2009

Make your own sew-in fabric labels

TGIF, friends!

Here is an easy project I came up with for labeling my Nutfield Weaver wedding accessories. You can design your own labels with your computer/printer. No embroidery sewing machine required!

Colorfast Sew-in Ink Jet Fabric Sheets
computer/ink jet printer
pinking shears

1. Using MS Word, go to the "envelopes/labels" feature on the program and set up a new document for an address label file. I sized mine to fit Avery 8160 labels. Centering the text, I featured my company name, a brief 1 line description, and my website address. Put in your own information and print a sample on paper before proceeding to step 2. Save your file, too.

2. Feed 1 fabric sheet into your ink jet printer. I had to feed mine in fabric side down. Print your file.

3. Let the ink dry, then heat set the ink with a hot, dry iron.

4. Let the sheet cool, and then cut the labels apart. I used pinking shears for a decorative touch. Peel off the paper backing from the labels.

5. Sew your own labels into your lovely handcrafted items.

How easy was that? Have fun with this project. I found Colorfast Sew-In Ink Jet Fabric Sheets at my fabric store, in the quilting notions aisle. You can also visit

Have a great weekend, Kate :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check out Bill's music!

Good afternoon, everyone. A lovely day in New Hampshire. My boys and I are going to head out for a swim soon.

Please head to the sidebar and find a link to my friend, Bill Preston, and his wonderful acoustic guitar music. I know Bill from our former church in Michigan. He has graciously allowed me to use one of his tunes in a video that my son, Nathan, is going to put together for me for the blog! Spend a few minutes with Bill and his music, and you will find yourself in a happy place!

I'm winding a new warp, experimenting with bow ties for men and boys, and learning how to throw a shuttle effectively for a wide warp. Busy, busy! I'm also contending with zucchinis from the garden that I think have been injected with PED.

Be well, friends, Kate :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday at Nutfield Weaver

Good morning, friends. It is 6:30 am and I am nearly finished threading my big warp! There are less than 150 threads to go! My husband, the consummate engineer, has told me that since my threading time is "linear" that I get more fabric per hour overall with a wide warp. I have no doubt that he is right. If my eyes are not permanently crossed after finishing this fabric I will keep his words in mind for the next run of lace!

This lovely black lace ring bearer pillow is on its way to Texas for an August wedding! It is such a privilege to know that one of my items will be used for a wedding service!

My oldest son, Nathan, is involved in a claymation class at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH this week. He seems to enjoy it. He has created a story board/clay figures for a Shel Silverstein poem and will use computer animation to create a short movie. How fun is that?

Have a lovely day! Be well, Kate

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best week ever!

I am so thrilled to have just had my best week ever at Nutfield Weaver! The additional sales have kept me quite busy, but I am grateful for the opportunities that I've been afforded. Here's a picture of a recent custom order that I did for a bride in Florida. The saffron and latte ribbons hint at fall, don't you think?

I have finished sleying my threads for my largest weaving project EVER! I even had to make adjustments to my loom to accomodate the threads that I need to use (+900 total)to weave my ivory lace. Right now everything looks like a tangle of spaghetti as I am working on threading the heddles. This is a slow process, but one that I just love to do.

If you are shopping for your wedding, please take a look at the sidebar and see "Visit My Friends From Etsy Wedding Team." All of the artisans here are very good at what they do and you are sure to find something delightful from each of them! I hope to have more detailed highlights of their work in the near future!
Be well, Kate