Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue thread + woven lace = pretty fabric

Hello, friends from snowy New Hampshire. We have been told that the snow is going to stop. Soon. This round was light & fluffy, though, which makes for good skiing and lighter work with the snowblower.

Here is what is on the loom right now. This is a lace weave, but not an all-over lace weave. I designed the fabric to have a lace "frame" which will be used to center rings on a ring bearer pillow.

Tea towels are proving to be popular. I sold another one yesterday afternoon. Yea! I am winding a warp for a new set of towels as time permits.

The last few evenings have been filled with a marathon Monopoly game, which has been great fun. My youngest, Andrew, says that he is "going to drive me into the ghetto" with his wheeling and dealing and big stakes real estate transactions. He has been quite impressed that I'm still hanging on, though. Maybe he is just taking it easy on me.

Be well, Kate

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