Monday, January 25, 2010

A bobbin winder fix

Hello, friends. I feel like a true example of YANKEE INGENUITY as I came up with a workable solution to my broken bobbin winder. (A bobbin winder is a gear-driven tool that allows yarn to be spun onto a spool for use in a weaving shuttle -- very similar to a bobbin winder on a sewing machine, except mine is hand-cranked). Here is a picture:

Yes, it really works. It is a bit loud, though, which is about the only drawback. Having a power tool permanently installed in our bedroom/loom room seems a bit unusual, but until my new gear arrives from Sweden, this is about my only alternative because I HAVE A SUBTANTIAL BACKLOG OF WEAVING REQUESTS!

I never thought that a year ago I would have a backlog of orders. I have 6 towels to make, three scarves, a set of placemats, and an inquiry about a tablecloth came in last evening. I have 13 lbs. of unmercerized cotton on the way and it will arrive none too soon. Still waiting on that postal scale, too. Hoping it arrives early this week.

The man and I visited Vermont on Friday and took a tour of Long Trail Brewery, which, of course, included a nice glass of ale with pub food at the conclusion. I was surprised at how loud the brewery was. It was a nice excursion, though, and we came back with a case of great beverages and a couple of big drinking glasses.

My oldest son, Nathan, has been pouring over his high school course offering book that we picked up at our first school meeting for parents of soon-to-be freshman on Thursday night. The options that he has available to him are nothing short of astounding: web animation, ceramics, writing for classic film... He is so very excited, which makes us happy.

My youngest son, Andrew, continues to drain my finances at Monopoly. He has about 8 hotels right now. He tried to argue that the rules should allow for multiple hotels on the same property. I drew the line there and have put up with days of humiliation for the sake of making him do all of the $$ calculations in his head.

Off to make ribbon rosettes and package up some earrings who have found a home in California before rousting the boys from their beds.

Be well, Kate

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