Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can weaving be considered exercise?

After two days of some intensive weaving, my answer to my own question is a resounding, "Yes, weaving can be considered a form of exercise." Granted, it depends on a lot of things. I've been weaving some pretty dense cloth the last couple of days, and am using all 8 shafts of my loom. Several of the lifts require that 6 of the 8 shafts be lifted simultanously. I am sure that I can include weaving as part of my new weight loss regimen for 2010!

Just to prove to you that I've been busy, here are some new pictures of some of the tea towels that I've worked on today.

Here is a lovely orange. It reminds me of habanero peppers and it also happens to match my nice Fiestaware everyday dishes:

Since I was growing weary of weaving the diamond twill pattern, I altered the tie-up of my loom to create waffle weave fabric. Waffle weave is interesting because it really shrinks up after you cut the fabric from the loom and wash the cloth. Here is a picture:

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, beating those rag rugs, it's better than a rowing machine!