Friday, January 8, 2010

Clan MacQuarrie Tartan

Hello, friends. TGIF! Aside from the fact that I have a headcold and was engaged in a continual argument with my loom this morning, it has been a good day. Just about everything that could go wrong with my weaving did:

1) I kept dropping my shuttles on the floor and making a racket.

2) My second shuttle did not cooperate and wasn't unspooling very well (when it wasn't falling on the floor).

3) I broke a warp thread.

4) My selvedges look like they belong to a beginning weaver.

Aside from that, the fabric turned out reasonably well and is in the washing machine at this very moment. The threading/pattern is a traditional tartan named for Clan MacQuarrie. The threads are red & green. Working on a 4 shaft twill was good for me; sometimes the "basics" are not so very basic! I'm toying with the idea of using this fabric for a ring pillow or to cover buttons.

It is snowing right now. I am hoping that my head clears enough so that I can get out on the xc skis this weekend!
Be well, Kate :)

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