Monday, January 18, 2010

A Snowy Day

Hello, friends. Winter is still with us here in New England. Our Norwegian Elkhound, Ingrid, still enjoys a cushy pile of snow to rest in. Here is a picture of her from this morning.

How do I come up with my designs? Well, I usually start with colored pencils and graphing paper and a couple of cones of yarn for inspiration. Weaving entails a fair amount of math (not highly complicated math!). I like to assign a single square to a fixed number of threads. Here in this design for a new tea towel, I have one square equal to six threads that will measure 1/4" wide in the loom's reed (or, 24 ends per inch or "24 epi"). Once I work out my graphing arrangement, I can start coloring away! I like these two colors together. How 'bout you?

The boys are home to day for MLK Day, and if they weren't scheduled to be at home, they would be anyway because of the snow and road conditions. My two strapping young lads can help their mother clear the driveway today. When the snow stops. If the snow stops.

Be well, Kate :)

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