Monday, January 11, 2010

Tea towels & buttons & a new warp chain

Hello, friends. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I was a tad under the weather, but am doing better now. It's back to the loom for me today!

Five of the tea towels that I made & listed last week have already sold. Woo hoo! I have plans for several more, since these seem to be grabbing some attention. My next set of towels will be made from ivory & robins egg blue yarns in a twill design. I'll be putting a simple plaid border on each end. Can't wait to get started on these!

My clan MacQuarrie tartan turned out to not work entirely well for ring pillows. I think that the pattern is just too bold for an item such as this. However, the fabric does make for nifty buttons. What do you think of these? I think that these would look great on, say, a little girl's jumper or dress (or on a handbag, or on fingerless gloves, etc...).

Off to the post office and to shop for a few supplies!
Be well, Kate :)

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