Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A snowy day

Hello, friends. The boys are home today (Tuesday) as are most other New Hampshire school children since we have 8-9" of snow forecasted for this afternoon and early evening. I walked our pooch this morning, and it was pleasantly quiet.

I was pleased that the item I donated to the Etsy Wedding Team Haiti Relief shop sold this weekend. I have relisted the item, too. The towel is on its way to Virginia. The bright orange and robins egg blue seems to be a color combination that resonates with lots of folks -- it is rather cheery!

I have a nice, long warp (10 yards) on the loom for more towels. I don't anticipate getting much weaving done today, given the fact that I have company in the house (which is really nice, actually), but the loom will not be going anyplace anytime very soon.

The State of New Hampshire got fifteen of my hard-earned dollars so that I can register as a Limited Liability Corporation here. I am pretty certain that "Nutfield Weaver" has not been taken as a name by anyone else around, but it will be nice to secure that, nonetheless.

I keep toying with the best way to photograph my herb garden textiles. Photographing plaids/stripes is a bit tricky. Anyway, here is an attempt, and if you have any suggestions for improving the shot/composition, by all means, send me your ideas!

Be well, Kate

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