Monday, February 22, 2010

Some beaded scarves

Hello, friends. Happy Monday. It is sunny here, and my boys are home from school this week for a February break. We have lots of fun -- albeit low-key -- activities planned. I guess a trip to the orthodontist cannot be viewed as an activity. Sigh...

Here is a picture of a rayon ric rac boucle scarf that I made for a friend's sister. It is made from a soft ivory yarn in plain weave. There are 4 different kinds of glass beads threaded on the fringe bunches, which are then twisted together using my handy dandy LeClerc fringe twister (one of my favorite things). The boucle has a nice drape to it. I really like it for scarves because it is warm but not itchy or heavy.

The loom is being warped this week - as time allows - for some new towels in a chocolate brown bold plaid (a customer request!). I made some table napkins from this same fabric earlier in the month and they are really working out nicely. (I figure that having my two boys use my napkins at mealtimes is a pretty good test of quality assurance).

Be well, Kate :)

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