Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Handwoven lace dress hanger & sachet

Hello, friends. Hope you were able to enjoy some nice weather yesterday. The skies were clear here. We had a great view of Orion's Belt last night when we were outside with the dog.

I took a ridiculous number of pictures yesterday and tried to take advantage of having decent daylight. I'm experimenting with backgrounds and places in the house where the light is best and the time of day that I take snapshots. Here is a sample photo from yesterday.

When I started the whole Etsy endeavor, I had no idea how much time I would be spending with my camera!

It is lovely here today, and I'm going to make time for a run outside. My plans to do so yesterday didn't materialize because I spent the better part of the late afternoon preparing "Coq au Vin" from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." My youngest, Andrew, ate onions for the first time EVER! I guess soaking pearl onions in a puddle of butter in the oven for 40 minutes is the key. He said that he really liked them because they didn't taste "sting-y." Nathan made a good show of trying it but really he was stuffed full of cereal, which he tends to eat in insane amounts after coming home from school. Ahh....boys...

My Coq au Vin:

Be well, Kate

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Sonja Milojevic said...

What a gorgeous weaving! I love it! :)