Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Hello, friends. Things are looking up. The rain has (mostly) stopped, we don't have to visit the orthodontist again (hopefully) until May, and two of my wedding garters have found new homes today. My cornflower blue garter is going across the pond to a UK bride, and my little blue birdies garter has flown the coop for Tennessee after only one day. So, I am cutting more fabric for more of these little lovlies as time permits.

I'm finished threading the loom and am in the final stages of warping. I get all anxious to get weaving after threading, but there are still several steps that have to be completed. And I've learned the hard way that rushing through this process only leads to headaches and unevenly tensioned warps. (I confess that I have chopped off two warps in total frustration over the last 18 months).

I'd like to find a nice "forget-me-knot" blue cotton for my next set of garters. Or perhaps a fabric with butterflies. I may find myself in Center Harbor, NH before too long.

Be well, Kate

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