Thursday, March 18, 2010

I took the handmade pledge

Hello, friends. I have had the good fortune of being featured in a new blog today. It is really fun blog written by a California Etsian, Like a Lily Among Thorns. The author is doing a weekly feature called "Wedding Wednesdays." It is nice to have one's work noticed!

"I Took the Handmade Pledge," and that is the title of today's blog entry. We really do attempt to support artisans in our house when it comes to gift-giving.

Here is really nice set of handthrown pottery ale glasses that I bought on Etsy for my husband last year. These beautiful pieces were handmade by JR & Kristen Page from PagePottery. I love the green color. And, to make them even more wonderful, they hold a pint of Guinness (or one of my husband's home brews) just perfectly. The Page's customer service is unsurpassed as well.

Today I made a field trip to the fabric shop. I resisted the urge to by yards and yards of fabric and made it out of the store with a mere 3 yards. I bought fabrics to coordinate with my handwoven lace, and also two nice styles for toss garters. I'm calling this "Country wedding cornflower blue toss garter"

We're headed to the gym tonight so dinner is already in the works. No "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" tonight!
Be well, Kate

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JR said...

Just fantastic! Thanks for including us. Hope the pint glass made your St. Patrick's day dinner even more special. We love the photo.