Monday, March 15, 2010

Lace on the Loom & Two Giveaways

Hello, friends, from rainy & windy New Hampshire. Another Nor'Easter has hit our state hard this weekend and into today. We feel fortunate that the power is still on and that we are not flooded!

My work is being featured on two separate "giveaways" this week. A blog giveaway is basically a nice way for artisans like me to market their work in an affordable way -- by giving it away for free! My fellow Etsy Wedding Team members are hosting a Winter Giveaway, and this week my lace petal cone is being given away. You can find out how to win the petal cone by clicking here on the Etsy Wedding Team blog. Remember, this is also a nice decoration for your powder room! Liz, from Put The Kettle On blog, who writes about all things "tea" is featuring my herb garden towel on her blog this week. All you have to do enter is write about what you like best about spring. How easy is that?

I snapped a couple of pictures of the lace that I have on the loom right now. I've only had one broken warp thread so far, so I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. The first picture shows the loom from the front, the second, from the back.

Back to the loom and, unfortunately, a pile of laundry and a kitchen sink full of dishes! :)
Be well, Kate

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