Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little blue birdies wedding garter & a new warp

Hello, friends. I am writing this and pretending not to hear rain drip on the floor of our front hall entrance. After many days of driving rain, our house is no longer waterproof. Sigh... I'm debating calling my husband at work to let him know about it, but I think I will just wait it out and do my best with towels.

But here is something cheerful. I found this fabric today and couldn't resist buying a bit. I just thought that it was too sweet to pass up and think that it makes a whimsical garter which I'm calling "Little blue birdies wedding garter." Here is a picture:

I'm warping the loom to make more of these kitchen towels. They were quite popular about two months ago, and I've got a client who requested one of these for herself:

I hope that you are safe & warm & dry, wherever you are!
Be well, Kate

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