Friday, March 12, 2010

Purple Rose Dress Hanger

Hello, friends. TGIF! My husband and my boys have ventured north to get some skiing in before the snow completely disappears. Downhill skiing is not my thing; I was happy to stuff them full of breakfast and load up the cooler with snacks and wish them safe travels! I'm more of a cross-country skiing gal. Plus, I have a very long and late rehearsal this evening with the NH Phil.

Here is a custom handwoven lace padded dress hanger than I put together for a bride. I really like the plum rose; it works nicely with both the plum ribbon or ivory ribbon for the accent.

I will be typing up directions for my "Very Tiny Pincushion," since someone out there in the Blogosphere would like to make one, too. I hope to have those posted by Monday. (My digital camera went with my husband to the White Mtns. today).

All 890 heddles are threaded on the loom. I'm tying onto the back beam right now. Tensioning a warp of this width is a bit tricky and is a lesson in patience.

Be well, Kate :)

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