Monday, March 22, 2010

Waffles on the loom

Hello, friends. Spring has definitely arrived. How do I know? Because we have already had a trip to the ER for xrays after our 14 year old wiped out on his "wave" (a 2 wheeled skateboard). Lots of roadrash and a splint. More xrays on Friday, possibly. Sigh...

After a long run of delicate lace I like to mix things up a bit on the loom. I'm weaving a run of fabric for waffleweave dishclothes. Simply, homey, practical. The weave structure is really interesting; it shrinks up a lot after it has been removed from the loom and washed/dried. Waffleweave makes for a super-absorbant cloth. Here is a picture of it on the loom so far:

Half of this warp will be crossed with a weft of white cotton, the other half is going to be a nice grassy-green. Just for fun.

We got our peas, lettuces, spinach, carrots, and arugula into the dirt this weekend. Don still ran into some frozen clumps of earth, but that is to be expected. Now all we need to do is wait!
Be well, Kate

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