Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warping on Wednesday

Hello, friends. My loom's reed is filled up with 890+ threads, so now it is time to put all of these through the heddles! I'm starting this tomorrow.

Today I finished a custom scarf for a client in Massachusetts. It has nearly 200 beads on the fringed ends and drapes nicely. Rayon boucle is just super for scarves -- soft, warm, non-scratchy! Here is a picture:

I am working hard to improve the quality of my pictures. So many of my good shots seem to be the result of luck. Fortunately, I have a trusty tripod now (many thanks to my sister, Amy!) which is helping to reduce the blur. I'd like to get to the point where my pictures can be of a consistent quality. I'm practicing on my Celtic Knot Ring Bearer Pillow. Here is a picture from a few months ago:

And here was today's picture of the same item:

I just keep plugging away at the whole picture thing as time allows!
Be well, Kate