Monday, April 5, 2010

An Easter Flower

Hello, friends. I hope that you had a pleasant weekend. We enjoyed warm, sunny weather here in New Hampshire. Look at my pretty tulips that opened on Easter Sunday morning:

Our roses are starting to leaf out, which is always exciting. My husband noted that our carrots and lettuces have sprouted in the garden, too. Yummy.

I am pleased as punch to have been asked by one of my clients to have my work linked to her bridal registry on I wasn't even aware that such a site existed until this weekend! It is a really neat idea -- you can create a registry for things that are from (virtually) anywhere on the web.

So, I am weaving away (tea towels today; dishcloths next) and figuring out how to configure my next yarn order. I am turning into a major fan of Internet commerce.
Be well, Kate

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