Friday, April 16, 2010

Fisher Cats and Wild Turkeys

Hello, friends. Despite the falling snow today, we can be assured that it is spring in New Hampshire -- at least for baseball fans. We spent last evening at Merchant Auto Arena (Manchester, NH) watching our Fisher Cats (AA, Toronto Blue Jays affiliate team) get the snot kicked out of them by the Binghamton Mets. It was opening night, too, at the arena. Ouch. It was wicked cold. The lines for hot chocolate were insanely long. We stuck it out for the entire game, for the sake of our 12 year old, who looked at me as if I was half crazed for suggesting that we could leave early, given the score by the 6th inning. You just DO NOT leave any game early. Here is a picture of our Andrew at the Fisher Cats game, and my hubby, Don:

The one really neat thing about the game was Ollie, the Golden Retriever "Bat Dog." Ollie is like a bat boy, except with four legs and a big tail. He trots right out to homeplate (or the vicinity), picks up the bats left behind by the Fisher Cats batters, and returns them to the dugout. Ollie does all of this work for a scratch behind the ears. I was watching this tremendously obedient, hardworking animal and thinking about my own dog, Ingrid, who is sometimes a complete disgrace. Yesterday she stole leftover biscuits off of the counter. The plastic bag and the smaller crumbs, with which she could not be bothered, gave her away. Sigh...

I am weaving today, and experimenting with ribbonwork combinations. Working out of my home has definite advantages. Not only can I get away with staying in my pajamas later than I choose to admit, I can also catch glimpses of the interesting wildlife that we have around us. Today there were a pair of wild turkeys in the backyard. They were so BIG. I wondered if they were a nesting pair. Do turkeys nest or roost?
I will have to find out this weekend.

This Mom is really looking forward to her son's return from his eighth grade class trip to Washington, DC tonight. We haven't heard too much from Nathan, which I think is a sign that he is having a very good time. He is on the bus right now and we expect to hear from him later this evening. Such a traveller he is at such a young age!

Be well, Kate

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