Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Herb gardens and garters

Hello, friends. After finishing a dozen formal table napkins today, I took things outside to work on my herb garden. I love to grow herbs. They are undemanding, useful, and pleasing plants. Today I moved sage, oregano, two kinds of thymes, and chives to their new homes. Parsley, borage, and garlic chives seeds were also put into the ground. My bird bath is right in the center of the action. I need to put some mulch/stones around the bird bath, but this will come with time.

I learn so many interesting things about folklore in conjunction with writing my item descriptions for my shop listings. Yesterday I put together a new toss garter which features ladybugs and clover. I had so much fun finding out about the etymology and stories associated with these two things! Still an English major at heart, I guess. Here is a snapshot of the little garter I put together yesterday:

Enjoy spring!
Be well, Kate

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