Friday, April 9, 2010

Waffles and warps

Hello, friends. New England weather is a hoot -- 80 degrees and sunny one day, 40 degrees and rainy the next. I hope that my peonies make it through the cold nights. They look very frail right now.

I'm working on kitchen textiles this week. Here is my latest offering, nothing fancy but pleasing in their own way: waffleweave dishcloths. Unmercerized and undyed cotton. Machine wash and dry. No nonsense! What do you think?

Next on tap are some table napkins -- one set that is woven from mercerized cotton with a lace border, and one set that is woven from unmercerized cotton in a diamond twill (more of an "everyday" look). The warps will be long (for me) but I love to have an excuse to spend time at my loom!

Be well, Kate

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SOiNTOiT said...

Its been years since I've made waffle weave dish I'm going to HAVE to finish that table runner! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Lovely weaving! Pam