Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The baby robins have fledged

Hello, friends. It has been a big day here outside of our front window. Here is a picture of our baby robins this morning around 7 o'clock:

And here is a picture of the nest around 9 o'clock:

I did get to see the last baby fly out of the tree. It has been such a treat to watch them this spring. I wonder if we'll have another batch of eggs? There is still a lot of summer ahead of us.

Rest assured I have not been spending my entire day at the front window watching the birds. Here is a picture of what is on the loom right now:

These towels are made with ivory/natural unmercerized cotton and a rich looking berry red. It reminds me of raspberry jam.

Off to the post office to send a garter to a bride in the West Midlands this morning.

Be well, Kate

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