Monday, May 24, 2010

A new garden visitor

Hello, friends. I am back from my short visit to Michigan. It was wonderful to spend time with my parents and my sister and her family.

I will be back at the loom this afternoon. The garden got my attention this morning as I worked outside before the heat hits us this afternoon. Here is who visited the yard this morning:

I may have to take action before she decides to feast on our vegetable garden.

Today I will be weaving a few more tea towels like this one this afternoon:

I will be tying on a new set of warp threads to the tail end of this warp to weave more napkins and tea towels; this is a warping shortcut that weavers take so that rethreading the heddles can be avoided. Tying 500 overhand knots is a bit tedious, but it is actually quite a time saver. This should give you some indication about how long it takes to dress a loom from start to finish!

Be well, Kate :)

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