Monday, May 17, 2010

Robins egg blue everywhere

Hello, friends. Our third robin hatched late last week, so now we have robin baby triplets. The mommy & daddy robin are devoted parents. We have enjoyed watching the robins grow -- they are getting fuzzy, which is a good thing, because my boys thought that the freshly hatched babies were pretty "gross." Their eyes are still closed.

I added a new item to my shop: table napkins made from unmercerized cotton. I made these in a diamond twill (natural/ivory cotton and robin's egg blue). I may weave some sets in other colors (like a nice autumnal shade of orange or red). We'll see how things go. I have one set of these making their way to Italy this week already. Yea!

Today I am working on a top-secret project for my husband. It will be our 20th anniversary on Wednesday. Today's mission involves a trip to Home Depot, some research on Wikipedia, and cement. Do I have your attention?

Have a lovely day & be well, Kate :)

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