Monday, May 10, 2010

Robin's nest

Hello, friends. I hope all of you mothers out there had a lovely day yesterday. I was treated to a perfect day by my husband and two sons: breakfast, a quiet run at a leisurely pace, a fresh salad made from our garden thinnings, a trip to the nursery where we selected two concord grape vines which we'll trellis along the back of the house, and a lovely dinner. Being a mom is a good thing! I feel very rested and refreshed.

It has been a busy morning already. My linen ring bearer pillow found a home this weekend, as did a "little blue birdies" wedding garter. And I finished beading a rayon boucle scarf, which was a custom request. Today I will be weaving and putting together a new toss garter.

We have a new neighbor right outside our living room window. Here is a picture:

These robins eggs are lucky to have a very diligent mother who is also a very good architect. Her nest withstood some severe rains on Saturday and a stiff, gusty wind on Sunday. She is not 3 feet from the window. We are keeping our eye on her and will be waiting to see when her little ones hatch.
Be well, Kate :)

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