Monday, June 7, 2010

Adventures in namedrafting

Hello, friends. Happy Monday to you. We had some "wicked severe storms" here in New England yesterday. We were fortunate that the power stayed on at our house.

I am tickled pink with the outcome of one of my first efforts in designing my own overshot weaving pattern. I used a technique called "namedrafting." In namedrafting, you take a name or a combination of names, assign each letter in that name a shaft on the loom, and develop a "code" to generate your weaving pattern. This particular draft was made using two first names (I'm not telling you whose names they are, because I was asked to weave this item for an anniversary gift). I'm going to be running with this idea a bit in my shop on a custom order basis. I hope you'll tell me what you think! Here is a picture of the table runner in process on the loom:

It is lovely to see something come together on the loom. It never really looks quite the same on graphing paper.

My garden needs to be inspected for storm damage. There are a few foxglove casualties, which is always annoying.

Have a lovely day.
Be well, Kate

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