Sunday, June 13, 2010

Namedrafted table runner

Hello, friends. We are moving slowly this morning after a night of baseball. This weaver also doubles as a scorekeeper/dugout mother for a group of 11 and 12 year old boys. After three hours of standing in the pouring rain with a clipboard and a gaggle of adolescent boys, I started to think about how cozy it would be to be working at my loom with a cup of steaming hot tea beside me.

I realized I never posted final pictures of my namedrafted table runner. So here it is:

It is always exciting to see how a design comes together. The first "draft" for this runner was done on a paper napkin on an airplane when my family and I were making our way back to New England from our spring trip to Arizona. I'm already thinking about other namedrafted patterns that I can make for friends and family, and have a "made to order" listing in my Etsy shop for folks that are interested in a table runner for themselves.

Today I will be working on a lace bridal shawl. It is overcast and misty, and after yesterday I think I will refrain from standing in the rain for too long. My loom misses me.
Be well, Kate

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