Monday, June 21, 2010

Yankee weaver takes a courageous leap

Hello, friends. I confess that I have been neglecting my blog. We are finding our new rhythm here at home since my boys have started their summer vacation.

Maybe it is the heat or the fact that I needed a break from weaving with ivory yarn, but I have taken a bold leap in the color department. I actually have a black warp on the loom right now and am experimenting with new colorways. Here is a picture of a towel that was inspired by the honeybees in our garden:

This next one is in the same pattern but reminds me of the butterflies in our yard:

I have plans for another using a burnt sienna weft -- the new gallardia plant that my husband purchased yesterday will be my muse.

It is "wicked hot" here in New Hampshire today. The air conditioning unit for the second floor has broken, so I now realize that I am a very spoiled weaver and find that weaving in the heat is less than desirable!

Let me know what you think of my latest weaving adventures, or just drop me a note to say hello!
Be well, Kate

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