Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing with power tools

Hello, friends. TGIF! I hope that this finds you well and enjoying your day; the weekend is not far off at this point!

My boys and I have been engaged in a top secret project for my husband's upcoming birthday on Monday. I don't want to give away the big surprise in the off chance that he will actually see this post, but I will say that the project involved my having to acquaint myself with a jigsaw and an electric drill. The tools and I got to know each other pretty well after a few days. I now wield both tools with confidence!

My growing self-assurance in the power tool department led me to make my first set of wooden buttons. I found a white pine limb in our yard today -- it was probably a victim of the severe wind storm we had earlier this year. I decided to make some buttons. Here's a picture:

I put these on a burlap ring pillow and was pretty pleased with the results.

My loom is ready to be "beamed." This means that I have to wind 12 yards of 500+ threads around the back beam of the loom. It is part of the "dressing the loom" phase. This just means that I am one big step closer to actually sitting down with the shuttle, which is one of my very favorite things to do.

Have a safe and splendid weekend!
Be well, Kate

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